Ideas For Decor nautical – Inspired Rooms


For you who love the ocean and everything it represents, there is no better style to bring into your home decor plans than a nautical style. The style itself is perfectly exquisite and suitable for homes that are not so in love with the romance and mystery of the deep blue sea. For you who love the idea of sailing off into the sunset, nautical style is a perfect choice for home décor.

There are many ways that an imaginative mind can incorporate a nautical style into the home decor plans. One of the ways is by using darkly tainted wainscoting for the lower half of your walls along with a chair rail to imitate the wooden interior of finer sailing vessels. This emulates the interior of a sailboat and some powerboats. This is a notable addition in most houses and quite ambitious in some as it is not the cheapest method of decor. The effects however are striking when used for this purpose.

Another great idea is to use a marine shade of light blue for window coverings and curtains and have them made of the same type of fabrics that sail covers are made of on a sailboat. If you are really ambitious you could elect to paint the walls in this marine shade of dark blue and select another colour for the curtains or wooden blinds instead. However, white walls are absolutely acceptable when it comes to producing the look and feel of the interior of a boat.

Rope is another great tool to use to make the nautical style a bit more original. You can twist rope around candleholders, picture frames, and all manner of other things in order to incorporate it into the room without having the rope look out of place. If you are really ambitious you could even place a hammock in some forgotten corner of the room to hold coats in the winter season or merely to authenticate the style to some degree.

Clocks, portals, barometers, and such make exceptional art in a nautical styled room. Other great additions would include objects such as seashells, model boats, sand dollars, and artwork depicting the sea. For many, this is where we feel most at house, we derive our inspiration, and we literally feel as though we can truly connect with Mother Nature.

No nautical styled room or home is complete without a lighthouse to guide weary sailors home at the end of a long expedition. Do not forget an important feature such as this in your nautical styled home decor ventures and purchases. If you are lost as to how to delicately incorporate this into your room you may want to look up a brilliant artist by the name of Thomas Kincaid. He is known as the painter of light and has succeeded to capture the essence of lighthouses in a manner that no other artist has been able to duplicate. One of his paintings would make an excellent addition to your nautical style.

A nautical style for home decor is an excellent way to go for many families and for many reasons. All in all it isn’t the most costly of decorative styles though it isn’t by any means the cheapest either. The great news is that there are very few absolutely right or wrong ways in which to get the look and atmosphere you are hoping to achieve.


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