How To Do Metal Roofing


Sometimes you wish to try the roofing work on your garage or or maybe some part of your house by yourself. First of all, make sure yu know the basic steps to do the metal roofing. Here are the steps of doing metal roofing.

  1. Measuring the height and length of the roof and its edges. So you know how much metal roofing is needed. Check the roof pitch using a measuring square and a level and take note of the minimum requirement as recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Determine the roofing underlayment. It helps prevent unnecessary moisture on the metal roof during certain weather conditions. The underlayment must protrude on all roof edges by 1 ½ inches, expand on vent pipes by at least 1 ½ inches, and on sidewalls by at least 6 inches. It’s best to put on red rosin paper over the felt paper to avoid sticking on the metal, if your metal roof is situated right against the underlayment.
  3. Bend each sheet against the building to easily reach and pull it up.
  4. Screw the metal roof into the wood slats with the use of ¼ inch metal wood screws every two feet on both sides.
  5. overlap the first sheet with the next one. Do the same procedure with the entire roof until the last sheet is covered.
  6. If there is extra space left past the edge, cut this with a tin snip and finally screw in the last sheet.
  7. Fasten the metal sheets by putting in 5/16 inch lap screws every four feet where two sheets overlap each other.
  8. Start working on the sides of the roof with the metal trim to cover its edges as well as the roof ridge which should be bent over to fully cover it. Use ¼ inch metal wood screws for the metal trim. The last step will be putting in the closures which are pieces of 3 foot foam rubber.

Make sure you use the appropriate working tools and also follow the steps when you do the metal roofing installment by yourself.


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